An overview of this pharaoh who was able to impose herself as a sovereign in a world that did not conceive of a woman reigning.
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Between myth and reality, between Greece and Egypt, between dog and wolf... the only path to follow is that of the imagination


Cleopatra married one of her younger brothers at the age of 17. One of them was 10 years old.
Rest assured, the marriage was never consummated.


As the Romans invade Alexandria, Cleopatra manages to infiltrate Caesar's residence wrapped in a carpet.
When the carpet unfolds Cleopatra emerges and seduces Caesar. She convinces him to give her the throne and to join the Egyptians to the Romans. And that's just the beginning!
Caesar and Cleopatra have a child.


She will also have three children with Marc-Antoine. Her power of seduction favours alliances.



As the first woman of power in Egypt, Cleopatra's particular physique was a model for Egyptian women. The length of her nose was considerable, yet she was the most attractive woman in Antiquity, despite the critics.
Cleopatra was passionate about the well-being of the body, adept at beauty through perfumes, oils, make-up, spas...
She was even at the origin of a real fashion for "Cleopatra Make-up": a contour with lead arabesques that repelled eye infections.
A substantial budget was allocated to this sector.



She develops perfumes as real weapons of seduction, and even has a perfume factory.
Used since the dawn of time to honour the gods, perfume is a love potion: to win back Mark Antony, Cleopatra has the sails of the boat on which she is leaving perfumed.
"The wind was sick with love", Shakespeare would later write, inspired by this episode


At the start of the relationship between Cleopatra and Marc-Antoine, the two lovers would then have opened an alcoholic drinks club to live a life filled with leisure and excess. Their consumer society was called “Inimitable Livers”. This is why they took the opportunity to have big night parties and drink binges.



Cleopatra surrounds herself with dancers, plays with veils, enchanting music...
She also makes her people believe that she is a reincarnation of Aphrodite, goddess of love.


Cleopatra may be considered a feminist figure today. Her determination allowed her to be a woman of power even though she had to fight to have her name first on official papers. 


Desperate to impress, she went to Jules Caesar to prouve that she is capable of spending the equivalent of $ 16 million. She takes out the most precious pearl and plunges it into the vinegar. The pearl dissolves and she drinks the cocktail.