Let's call her MA Ok? Here's the Offset studio's gossip.
Article taken from the documentary "Secrets d'histoire" about Marie-Antoinette.
We absolutely recommend it!

It was written by @margotthespy, have fun! 


This beautiful young girl is Austrian, raised to live at court. She is of course bilingual, which was common at the time.


She became queen at court at the age of 20 and immediately moved to her second home "Le Petit Trianon" to retreat from the gossip and codes of the court. She had a small cave built, hidden under a stream, to make sure she was not overheard, and a hole to spy on those who might venture in.


It takes seven years for the king and MA to "consummate their marriage", proving that nothing can be taken for granted in a couple. She is not attracted to him and he is traumatised by the story of Madame Bovary, his grandfather's mistress. In the end, she ends up getting pregnant! 


She gave the most exquisite parties in history. Women dressed all in white (theme dinners did not invent anything), thousands of lights to illuminate the trianon ... she creates mystical and magical atmospheres for great occasions.

Despite her taste for the most divine outfits, the finest bakers' pastries and the artistic performances of Versailles, she is a simple woman - MA causes a scandal by wearing a simple muslin dress like a servant, she even plays the roles of servants in the theatre where she can express her love for the performances.
In the theatre, the stage is lit by candlelight, which was very expensive at the time Forget about safety, the theatre is made of cardboard! Marie Antoinette reintroduces the tradition of applause in the theatre.


Marie Antoinette uses coded letters written in sympathetic ink to communicate with her Swedish lover, the Count of Fersen.


Rose Bertin - the Gabrielle Chanel of the time -nicknamed Minister of Fashion, spends hours locked up with MA to develop the most eccentric pieces. By showing off her dresses and accessories (hats, hairstyles and gloves) she forces the court shrews to imitate her. She also refuses to wear the stifling corsets.
Fashion is the only area in which MA can exert her influence as a rebellious woman.


It is said that it was the jasmine oil she applied to her hair every morning that gave MA away, fleeing from the revolutionaries. Recognized with the king, she will be denounced by the coachman intrigued by this "smell of majesty".
But who would have blinked? Mme de Feydeau!


But what does Marie-Antoinette eat in a day?
A glass of milk when she gets up every morning, macaroons (in moderation), hot chocolate (a very rare commodity at the time). Salmon with flowers and vegetables, possibly with a cream puff at lunchtime.